Hey what’s up fam, my name is Valrick Fullins,
So throughout all of my post you will see me reference you guys as fam, Meaning “Family” Since our site is called Modern Family Living I wanted you guys to feel more welcome and instead of you guys being ordinary readers or subscribers, there couldn’t have been a better word than fam.
The topics I will mainly be posting on is:
• Fatherhood
• Life Hacks
• Bloggers University
Here in there you guys will see me post in the category travel and in the featured sections.
About me
I’m pretty sure this is the part where everyone gets stuck. What about me? What should I say ? I don’t want to sound boring. I don’t want it to be a script, but I also don’t want it to be a lie. So instead of trying to figure out what I’m going to write about my self. I thought I’d give you guys some interesting facts about my self so you quickly skim through my about page, because who wants to read about me…
Interesting Facts
• Fact #1. My grammar sucks, So most of the post I write will not be 100% professional or even 50%. You will see me abbreviate words as if I’m texting you and you will def see tons of run on sentence. I never really paid attention during that part of class.
• Fact #2. Places I’ve lived: Florida, Georgia, Wyoming, Missouri, Colombia, and Argentina.
• Fact #3 Countries I’ve been to: United States (yes it counts) Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Belize, Britain (Grand Cayman) France, Italy, and Greece
• Fact #4: Colleges I’ve Attended: St Charles Community College, Northwestern, and Missouri Baptist University
• Fact #5: I love Soccer and my Family.
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