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My First Time Eyelash Extension Experience

My First Time Eyelash Extension Experience


For some time now I have been trying to switch up my every day look and not have to put on a full face of make up to do so. I felt like I needed a change with my every day make up routine. I was tired of spending so much time focusing on my eye make up in particular. I strived for the perfect winged eyeliner and voluminous lashes to get that perfect cat eye look. I always thought false lashes were beautiful when applied correctly but for some reason I could barely ever get them to stay on through out the day like I needed them to. I never understood how people could pull them off all day long. I remember getting so frustrated when I’d go check to see how they were holding up and then see that one side of the lash piece was coming up in the corner of my eye! I stopped trying and gave up on them completely. I went back to using my eyelash curler and piling mascara on daily.


I have never really been good at keeping up with the latest beauty or fashion trends especially after I had my son but I started hearing about more and more people getting eyelash extensions. I thought what in the world are eyelash extensions? I started doing my research. I was so intrigued after what I read. I had many questions. I was super excited to learn that I could have what are called “Semi-Permanent Eyelash extensions.”


I found my self reading article after article on them before I took the initiative to reach out to someone in my area that would do them for me. As I was scrolling through my explorer page on instagram I came across Glow Studio St. Louis. I saw what amazing work was done and all the feedback I read was great! So I decided to reach out to Trang Le, the owner of Glow Studio St.Louis. She is a professional licensed esthetician. She was so easy to talk to and very informative. She answered all my questions and put all my worries at ease. She was very open with working with my schedule to quickly get me in for my appointment.


Before the appointment she explained that she always does a thorough consultation of your eye healthy history, discusses expectations/maintenance, and then begins the application process. I was told to prepare to block out 3.5 hours for this. This may seem like a long time, but the process is meticulous. The first appointment always varies from 2-3.5 hours depending on the natural lashes and the desired look. Relash appointments (fills) happen every 2-4 (most often 3) weeks because natural eyelashes are on a shedding cycle like the rest of the hair on the head and body. Relash appointments typically last 1-1.5 hours depending on home care and personal hair growth cycle.


Down below I will list some common questions for eyelash extensions.


What are eyelash extensions? Eyelash Extensions are individual lashes that are perfectly lined on top of your own lashes with a medical grade adhesive. Eyelash extensions are not like clusters or strip lashes. They are made of synthetic polyester that mimics the shape and taper of natural eyelashes.



What is the upkeep for eyelash extensions? This is completely dependent on the individual. How quickly or slowly your natural hair sheds, level of oiliness of your skin, cleansing habits, sleeping position all affect retention. Most people come for fills every 2-3 weeks.



How can you adjust to wearing eyelash extensions? You should always wait 24 hours after application before getting your eyes wet or applying eye makeup. You should also stay away from oil-based eye makeup or remover. Make sure to try to sleep in a way where your eyelashes aren’t pressed on your pillow. Make sure when you wash your face that your not rubbing your eyes.



Is the procedure painful? No, the procedure is painless. It may feel a little uncomfortable having your eye taped shut for a lengthy period of time but besides that it’s a very relaxing. Trang has a super comfy bed for you to lie on that I actually fell asleep in during the procedure!


Who would I suggest eyelash extensions to? I would suggest eyelash extensions to anyone who has a big occasion coming up like a wedding, prom, or even a vacation. Eyelash extensions would be great for traveling because you wouldn’t need to spend so much time getting ready and you will be picture ready at all times! They would also be great for busy moms who are always on the go who don’t have time to do their makeup.


Trang Le, Owner and Esthetician at Glow Studio St. Louis

Overall I was so pleased with the results. It’s crazy to think that the little tiny pieces of hair’s that happen to grow out of my eyelids make such a difference in my confidence, my appearance, and ultimately my everyday life. I found myself spending less than five minutes every day before I walked out the door. I no longer needed eye liner, an eyelash curler, or mascara. The lashes completed my look perfectly. I personally got the Full Set cat eye look so that I wouldn’t have to apply winged eyeliner.


If you are interested in trying eyelash extensions for yourself and you are in the St. Louis area make sure to contact Trang and check out her adorable studio. Also, be sure to mention my name and receive $25 off any set of eyelash extensions. Below you can find her website which explains prices and different lash sets plus other services!

Disclosure: I was provided a free set of lashes in exchange for a review of my experience. All opinions are my own.

Alesia Barber
Alesia Barber