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Why every son needs a father

Why every son needs a father

There is nothing a mother can’t do for her son. Many single moms find themselves playing the role of a father as well. My whole life I had no father figure. Being that many young boys don’t, I didn’t think anything of it when I was a child. Even growing up I didn’t realize how important it was for my father to be apart of my life. I had no idea because I felt like my mother raised me to be a respectable young man. She did what any mother would do and more. She took on the fathers responsibly and taught her son (me) to become the man I am today.

It wasn’t until months after I had my son did I realize why it is so important for a son to have his father in his life.

As John 5:19 ESV says: “The Son can do nothing of his own accord, but only what he sees the Father doing. For whatever the Father does, that the Son does likewise”.

The older and older my son gets the more he seeks validation. He constantly gazes at me with those huge beautiful brown eyes waiting for my affirmation in anything he does. He constantly impersonates my every move and see’s me as his hero.

He confides in me, believes in me, unconditionally loves me and absolutely trusts in me. And in knowing this, there isn’t a greater gift or feeling God could have ever possibly given me.

The more and more I continue to write. The more I feel as if the title should be, ”Why every father needs a son.” He has guided me through his love and made me the best man I could ever possibly be.

I found life through him, Love through him and God through him. I’m not a perfect father, lover or person in general. I’ve made many mistakes and I’m sure I will make many more. But what keeps me going is wanting and thriving to be that perfect man my son see’s as his father.

I think one of my favorite father and son quotes is;

“One night a father overheard his son’s prayers: Dear God, please make me the kind of man that my daddy is.

Later that night the father prayed: Dear God, Please make me into the man my son wants me to be.”

This quote alone has brought me up when I was down. It has given me hope, joy and faith that I will be the father that I never had.

The best advice I could ever give another father is to never give up; I know this sounds completely vague, but it’s amazing how any fathers do give up. I understand Life is hard and it kicks you down every time you try and get back up. But If its hard for you imagine how hard it will be for your son. Not having his father there to pick him up when he falls, to guide him through hard times, and to love him and be his hero. Be the father you never had and if your father was a good man, then be that father your son deserves.

If you’re a father and you are reading this I hope I’ve inspired you to be the man you know you can be. It starts here, it starts today. Please share this with any father you know going through a hard time and might need something like this to left them up. Thank you for reading.

Written By: Valrick Fullins II








Alesia Barber
Alesia Barber


  1. Barb Owens
    November 2, 2016 Reply

    Valrick, your post touched me deeply. It was beautiful, transparent and sincere. Have you considered sharing it with Thrive/Parent University? If not, you should! ALL those fathers need to hear this!
    God bless you!

    1. Alesia Barber
      November 2, 2016 Reply

      I’d Love to share it with Thrive/Parent University. You guys helped me grow and it would be a blessing to do something (even if its something this little) in return.