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Benefits to Traveling

Benefits to Traveling

Traveling is not only for the fun, it’s also good for the mind and soul.

It opens up creativity within you. Cultural immersion is essential for people to experience. It allows your mind to expand in different ways it never has before. You are forced to think and act differently in situations that you are not used to.

Appreciation Of Home.

You learn to appreciate your home so so sooo much more. Trust me on this. I used to hate on where I lived until I actually got a glimpse on what the grass was like on the other side. Of course it could be vise versa depending on where you live and your own personal opinion, but in my case I learned to appreciate everything in a detailed matter.

It helps you get out of your shell and start trying new things.

Have you ever thought in a million years that you’d find yourself eating a roasted bug on a stick? I sure as hell didn’t. Sure enough I somehow found myself standing with a whole bunch of Mexican’s munching on some lemon peppered flavored grasshoppers.

It makes you step up your game at work! Cause what better way to spend your paychecks is there other than taking as many trips as you can? If I had to pick between a luxury tangible item that would make me happy for a while or a trip that will leave me with great memories forever it would unquestionably be the TRIP! Nothing beats memories that you’ll hold on to forever.

Gives you a break from social media

Take your self to a place where there is no reception or Wi-Fi. Stop scrolling, look up from your phone, and open your eyes up to the world around you. Let your self unwind and allow your mind and body to relax. Its very refreshing getting to spend that quality time in a beautiful place either by yourself or with people you love.

Alesia Barber
Alesia Barber